Main Material: Aluminum Alloy

Keypad Type: Touchpad

Type: Electronic & Mechanical

Code Length: 6-9 Digits

Product Size: 72(W) x 360(H) x 25(D)mm

Code Capacity: 200

Sensor Activating Temperature: -10°C-55°C

Working Voltage: 6V/8x Batteries

Voice Guide: Yes

Operating Temperature(°C): -35-55°C

Card Type: Mifare / 13.56MHz

Battery: 8xAABatteries

Card Capacity: 200

Emergency Battery: Less than 4.8V

Fingerprint Sensor: Semiconductor

Door Category: Aluminium Door/Wooden Door

Fingerprint Capacity: 200

Door Thickness(mm): 38-65mm

Security Functions
Privacy Mode | Lockout Mode
Passage Mode | Fake Pin code

Low Voltage | Wrong-Entry Alarming

Digital smart lock, also known as an electronic smart lock, is a type of door lock that utilizes digital technology to provide keyless access control to a door.   Unlike traditional locks that require physical keys, smart locks offer various methods of authentication, such as PIN codes, key cards, biometric scanning (fingerprint or facial recognition), or wireless connectivity through smartphones or other devices.

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