Gmatic Pro

Autogate Motor Gmatic Pro With Auto-Lock (Optional) for Swing & Folding Gate (Full Set)


Package included:

Gmatic Pro Motor Operator x 2 units

PVC Box x 1 unit

12V7AH Battery x 1 unit

Transformer x 1 unit

Autogate Control Panel x 1 unit

Wireless / Wired Keypad x 1 unit

4 Channels Remote Control RC 106 x 3 units

Mini Siren x 1 unit

Auto-Lock x 1 set (Optional) **Important – For Gmatic Pro, control panel box must be at right side of the gate. Left side cannot use!**

Key features:-

Long lifespan with solid coated gearbox base

Solar power or dual power mode for powering the gate motors

Intelligence system with self calibration for smooth operation of autogate


Power Supply : AC 220V - 240V

Motor Power Supply : 14 - 18 DVC

Max Weight of Gate : 450kg per Wing

Max Width of Gate : 4m per wing

Warranty Policy:-

- Motor / Board / Transformer - 1 year warranty

- Battery - 6 months warranty

- Remote / Receiver - 3 months warranty

- No warranty for other parts

- Excluding onsite service. Traveling & service fee will be charged if request for onsite service / checking.

- Excluding damage due to wrong connection / improper use

- Customer to send us the affected part, we will send to supplier / manufacturer for repair. Once ready, we send back to customer.

- Delivery cost to be borne by customer

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